Want to embed a nice-looking sunrise/sunset widget into your blog or webpage?

We'll soon be building a new feature to allow website and blog owners to embed a range of customisable 'widgets' that show your visitors the sunset and sunrise times for your location, directly into your page.

We're building it right now, so check back in early October if you want to get hold of it.


Want a more customisable API so that you can build your own sunrise/sunset section?

Our free API will be providing web developers with an easy-to-use service to allow them to create their own mashups of our data.

Just throw us a couple of coordinates (latitude and longitude), and our system will return back a JSON reply to allow you to build pretty much anything you want.

There will be usage limits in place - we don't want our own server to crash - but we'll be pretty much flexible as to what you can do with it. We hope this feature will be going live mid-October 2015, so watch this space.