Today's Sunrise and Sunset Times:

19 Mar 2018

Aberdeen06:15 am18:16 pm
Aylesbury06:10 am18:11 pm
Bangor06:23 am18:24 pm
Bath06:16 am18:17 pm
Bedford06:09 am18:09 pm
Belfast06:30 am18:31 pm
Birmingham06:14 am18:15 pm
Bradford06:14 am18:15 pm
Brighton06:07 am18:08 pm
Bristol06:17 am18:18 pm
Bury06:16 am18:17 pm
Cambridge06:06 am18:07 pm
Canterbury06:02 am18:03 pm
Carlisle06:19 am18:19 pm
Central London06:07 am18:08 pm
Chelmsford06:05 am18:06 pm
Chester06:18 am18:19 pm
Chichester06:10 am18:11 pm
Coventry06:13 am18:14 pm
Derby06:13 am18:13 pm
Dorchester06:11 am18:12 pm
Dundee06:19 am18:20 pm
Durham06:13 am18:14 pm
Edinburgh06:19 am18:20 pm
Ely06:06 am18:06 pm
Exeter06:21 am18:22 pm
Glasgow06:24 am18:25 pm
Gloucester06:16 am18:17 pm
Guildford06:09 am18:10 pm
Hereford06:18 am18:18 pm
Hertford06:07 am18:08 pm
Huntingdon06:07 am18:08 pm
Inverness06:24 am18:24 pm
Ipswich06:02 am18:03 pm
Lancaster06:18 am18:19 pm
Leeds06:13 am18:14 pm
Leicester06:11 am18:12 pm
Lichfield06:14 am18:15 pm
Lincoln06:09 am18:10 pm
Liverpool06:19 am18:19 pm
London06:07 am18:08 pm
Maidstone06:05 am18:05 pm
Manchester06:16 am18:17 pm
Matlock06:13 am18:14 pm
Newcastle upon Tyne06:13 am18:14 pm
Northampton06:10 am18:11 pm
Norwich06:02 am18:02 pm
Nottingham06:11 am18:12 pm
Oxford06:12 am18:13 pm
Perth06:21 am18:21 pm
Peterborough06:08 am18:08 pm
Plymouth06:23 am18:24 pm
Preston06:18 am18:18 pm
Reading06:11 am18:11 pm
Salford06:16 am18:17 pm
Salisbury06:14 am18:15 pm
Sheffield06:13 am18:13 pm
Shrewsbury06:18 am18:19 pm
Southampton06:12 am18:13 pm
Stafford06:15 am18:16 pm
Stoke on Trent06:16 am18:16 pm
Sunderland06:12 am18:13 pm
Taunton06:19 am18:20 pm
Telford06:17 am18:17 pm
Truro06:27 am18:28 pm
Wakefield06:13 am18:14 pm
Warwick06:13 am18:14 pm
Winchester06:12 am18:13 pm
Wolverhampton06:15 am18:16 pm
Worcester06:16 am18:16 pm
York06:11 am18:12 pm

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