Sunrise and Sunset times for How Wood, Hertfordshire

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TODAY: 21 January 2020 Time is now 14:40 (GMT)



10:55 AM

On 21 January 2020 (today) in How Wood the sun will rise (civil sunrise) at 10:55 AM.

Twilight Begins:

10:17 AM

Nautical Twilight:

9:35 AM

Astronomical Twilight:

8:56 AM



7:30 PM

On 21 January 2020 (today) in How Wood the sun will set (civil sunset) at 7:30 PM.

Twilight Ends:

8:08 PM

Nautical Twilight Ends:

8:49 PM

Astronomical Twilight Ends:

9:29 PM

Sunrise/Sunset Forecast

The above times show the sunrise and sunset times for today in How Wood, Hertfordshire. For the dawn, sunrise, dusk and sunset times for the next two months in How Wood see the table below.

DateSunriseSunsetZenithTwilight BeginsTwilight Ends
Tue Jan 2110:5519:3015:1210:1720:08
Wed Jan 2210:5419:3115:1210:1620:09
Thu Jan 2310:5219:3315:1310:1520:11
Fri Jan 2410:5119:3515:1310:1420:12
Sat Jan 2510:5019:3715:1310:1320:14
Sun Jan 2610:4819:3815:1310:1120:15
Mon Jan 2710:4719:4015:1410:1020:17
Tue Jan 2810:4619:4215:1410:0920:19
Wed Jan 2910:4419:4415:1410:0820:20
Thu Jan 3010:4319:4615:1410:0620:22
Fri Jan 3110:4119:4715:1410:0520:24
Sat Feb 0110:4019:4915:1410:0420:25
Sun Feb 0210:3819:5115:1510:0220:27
Mon Feb 0310:3719:5315:1510:0120:29
Tue Feb 0410:3519:5515:1509:5920:31
Wed Feb 0510:3319:5715:1509:5820:32
Thu Feb 0610:3219:5815:1509:5620:34
Fri Feb 0710:3020:0015:1509:5420:36
Sat Feb 0810:2820:0215:1509:5320:37
Sun Feb 0910:2620:0415:1509:5120:39
Mon Feb 1010:2520:0615:1509:4920:41
Tue Feb 1110:2320:0815:1509:4820:43
Wed Feb 1210:2120:0915:1509:4620:44
Thu Feb 1310:1920:1115:1509:4420:46
Fri Feb 1410:1720:1315:1509:4220:48
Sat Feb 1510:1520:1515:1509:4120:50
Sun Feb 1610:1320:1715:1509:3920:51
Mon Feb 1710:1120:1915:1509:3720:53
Tue Feb 1810:0920:2015:1509:3520:55
Wed Feb 1910:0720:2215:1509:3320:57
Thu Feb 2010:0520:2415:1509:3120:58
Fri Feb 2110:0320:2615:1509:2921:00
Sat Feb 2210:0120:2815:1409:2721:02
Sun Feb 2309:5920:3015:1409:2521:03
Mon Feb 2409:5720:3115:1409:2321:05
Tue Feb 2509:5520:3315:1409:2121:07
Wed Feb 2609:5320:3515:1409:1921:09
Thu Feb 2709:5120:3715:1409:1721:10
Fri Feb 2809:4820:3915:1309:1521:12
Sat Feb 2909:4620:4015:1309:1321:14
Sun Mar 0109:4420:4215:1309:1121:16
Mon Mar 0209:4220:4415:1309:0821:17
Tue Mar 0309:4020:4615:1309:0621:19
Wed Mar 0409:3820:4715:1209:0421:21
Thu Mar 0509:3520:4915:1209:0221:23
Fri Mar 0609:3320:5115:1209:0021:24
Sat Mar 0709:3120:5315:1208:5821:26
Sun Mar 0809:2920:5415:1208:5521:28
Mon Mar 0909:2620:5615:1108:5321:29
Tue Mar 1009:2420:5815:1108:5121:31
Wed Mar 1109:2221:0015:1108:4921:33
Thu Mar 1209:2021:0115:1008:4621:35
Fri Mar 1309:1721:0315:1008:4421:36
Sat Mar 1409:1521:0515:1008:4221:38
Sun Mar 1509:1321:0715:1008:3921:40
Mon Mar 1609:1021:0815:0908:3721:42
Tue Mar 1709:0821:1015:0908:3521:43
Wed Mar 1809:0621:1215:0908:3221:45
Thu Mar 1909:0421:1315:0808:3021:47
Fri Mar 2009:0121:1515:0808:2821:48
Sat Mar 2108:5921:1715:0808:2621:50

Nearby Towns and Villages

Other nearby towns may have slightly different sunrise and sunset times than How Wood. Choose another town/village for detailed information.


Daylight Length8hrs 35mins

How Wood Map Location

Moon Phase

The above image shows today's lunar phase, and will appear in the sky in this shape tonight. This represents the amount of the moon (the crescent) that will be visible from the earth, and depends on how much of it will be lit up by our sun.



Wondering what the difference is between civil twilight, nautical twilight and astronomical twilight times?

You may have come across the page because you wanted to find out what the sunrise or sunset times are for the How Wood area. Let's explain what those differences are, and how the different metrics are used.

Civil twilight Also known as 'civil dawn', this time begins when the geometric centre of the sun is 6° below the horizon. It also ends when the sun's centre reaches 0°50' below the horizon (dusk) Look out for the brightest planets during dusk and dawn - Venus (the morning star) can sometimes be seen by the naked eye during civil twilight.

Nautical twilight Also known as 'first light'. This begins when the geometric centre of the sun is 12° below the horizon, and ends when the centre reaches 0°50' below the horizon. Useful for sailors and navigators when the brightest stars and the sea's horizon is visible.

Astronomical twilight Defined as when the geometric centre of the sun is 18° below the earth's horizon. At this time (beginning and end of astronomical twilight) the skies should still appear completely dark to the naked eye, and all visible stars (on a clear night) can be seen.

Please note that all times predicted for How Wood are based on ideal weather conditions, and should be used as an approximate guide. We cannot be held liable for any incorrect data that our calculations return.